Since the release of Windows 7 it is now becoming apparent that the upgrade path from previous Windows versions are full of pitfalls. One would of hoped that Microsoft would of had a better plan in place to assist users in their quest to upgrade. It is now becoming clear this will not be the case. Once again we must rely on those who are outside the sphere of Microsoft to find out exactly how to upgrade without the end user committing suicide. LOL

Over at ZDNet, Ed Bott has an excellent article that covers some of the pitfalls one may encounter trying to upgrade, including doing a clean install from an upgrade DVD. Ed spells out how some of these scenarios will play out for some users, including those who are trying to upgrade from XP to Windows 7.

Here is one instance that Ed states will fail if a user tries a clean install using an upgrade media:

So what’s the difference between the full and upgrade versions?

It’s all about the product key. When you enter the product key, the setup program checks to see whether you installed the product on a clean system that didn’t previously have any version of Windows installed. If the answer is yes, it blocks you from entering that key.

Ed also passes on some additional information that may assist some users in making the upgrade less problematic. Check out his article at the link below.

Over at Paul Thurrott’s Supersite he has a good article as well on how to do a clean install from an upgrade media. I would also check out his article if you are going to try and go this route.

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Ed Bott upgrade to Windows 7

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