Outlook’s Calendar View defaults to 30-minute intervals, which means when you create a new appointment, Outlook automatically allocates 30 minutes. The default setting is fine if most of your appointments are 30 minutes long. However, for some people, this is not the case. Personally, most of my appointments throughout the day are 60 minutes long. I’d prefer adjusting the odd appointment to 30 minutes as opposed to adjusting the majority of my appointments to 60 minutes.

To make Outlook more efficient, you can change the default appointment interval so it more closely aligns to your own needs. So if most of you appointments are longer or shorter than 30 minutes, change the default interval as described below:

  1. Within Outlook, switch to the Calendar view.
  2. Right-click in Calendar view and click Other Settings.
  3. From the Time Scale drop-down list and select a different time period item.
  4. Click OK.

Alternatively, an even faster way of changing the default time interval for appointments is to right click the time bar and choose a different interval from the context menu.

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