Since I’m not artistic by any stretch of the imagination, I find it fascinating to watch how talented artists make beautiful images appear from pretty much nothing. Some people just have a natural talent for this type of thing, but when you watch them work, you realize that knowing a few techniques can help you out dramatically in your artistic endeavors. When you’re not near an artist when they’re working, you usually don’t see how they created the work of art, but you do see the final product. Sketchfu is a site where anyone can draw and share their work with others, but the neat thing is that you can see how the pieces were drawn.

If you just want to draw, then drawing with Sketchfu is simple. It’s sort of like having a streamlined version of Paint in a browser window, and if you have a drawing tablet, you’ll be able to do an even better job. When you’re happy with your work, publish it for the community. As an observer, you can browse through individual drawings and the collections of work from site members, rate them, and see the best of the best for some real inspiration. As you watch the art gradually appear before your eyes, you’ll think you can do it too, but it’s not that easy. Trust me, I know.