As the world wide recession lingers on and more people struggle to make ends meet, more people are hanging on to their older computer systems. We are all aware that businesses failed to embrace Windows Vista and continue to use the reliable, though aging, Windows XP. But no matter how many consumers or businesses try to hang on to XP, there will be a time when they will have to upgrade. When these consumers and businesses do, Windows 7 will be waiting to fill the need.

No matter which company you like or dislike, whether it be Apple, Linux or Windows, there are some facts that are indisputable. Apple might be classy and Snow Leopard may be a sweet OS, with Linux being the open source holy grail, but it is Windows that supports the tech. industry. Ask Intel, AMD. Seagate, Asus, Toshiba, Dell, Acer, Gateway, Lenovo, NVidia, ATI and hundreds of other hardware and software makers who rely onĀ  Windows to support their company. If they had to rely on Apple and Linux alone they would be closing shop.

Microsoft only has to sit back this time around. Just sit back and wait for those aging computers to begin to fail and get replaced. Just wait until those who are using Windows XP to start to drop off like flies and make the switch. It has happened before and it will happen again. How many people in the world are still using Windows 98. Think back people. 1998 wasn’t that long ago.

Each day that I use Windows 7 as my primary operating system, the more I enjoy it. I believe I have an advantage since I upgraded from Vista and was familiar with the way Vista worked. For the most part W7 works the same way and the switch was simple to make. For those who are still using Windows XP you will find the change over somewhat harder. But you will eventually make the switch and will be glad you did.

So what am I finding that is making me a Windows 7 convert?

First there is the speed of W7. It is quick. Quick to boot, quick to shutdown and quick to go into hibernation mode. All of the installed programs on my laptop are responding faster.

W7 uses less memory. Vista was a memory hog at times. Though I am not using anything very scientific to test the memory usage of W7, I can pass on what a gadget I have shows. The gadget I have displays the core usage of my dual cpu, memory in percentage being used and wireless connection signal. Since this is the same laptop that originally came with Vista and that was upgrade to W7, hardware or software changes were minimal. When running Vista the memory usage would creep up to 55% on a average day. That number has dropped down to below 40%.

The new taskbar is great. I didn’t realize how much of a difference this would make in my daily activities. Bottom line is that I really like this new feature.

Some reviews have labeled W7 as ‘7ista’ and rightfully so. To be absolutely candid it is an improved Vista. It is exactly what Microsoft needed to do and may just bury the Vista complainers once and for all.

I read somewhere that it seemed to one reviewer that Microsoft has concentrated on making W7 more friendly to upgrading for laptop users. I am not sure how accurate this statement is. But I know that my laptop is running great after the upgrade to W7 and so is the new laptop I bought for my wife which also runs W7.

Just my two cents.

Comments welcome.