Beware of living deads around Halloween… Frima Studio’s Zombie Tycoon is launching today as a PSP (PlayStation Portable) mini title in North America, Europe and Asia. The hilarious zombie horde has been released to contaminate and infest the PlayStation Network.

Zombie Tycoon was specifically designed for the PSP minis,” commented Frima’s CEO Steve Couture. “One of the biggest minis up to this date, our zombie game will give the player several hours to build his army and achieve complete world domination… It is not a port from a mobile game, but a whole new strategy game with a lot of funny and horrifying content.”

Frima’s team thought that it was about time their zombies got some brain food being in prison for 6 months in our offices! While usually, players have to face and stop an undead menace, as human, Zombie Tycoon lets you maneuver your very own ravenous zombie horde through towns and buildings.

This unique tale of intrigue and betrayal spans over 10 challenging levels, animated cut-scenes and in-game dialogues, and lots of humorous references. The combat system allows players to burn cities to the ground as they attack humans and the places they call home. As players alternate fast-paced action and strategic execution, they can choose from over 100 quirky items to arm their zombies and attempt to spread the undead across the globe!

The game is ready just in time for Halloween at a mini cost! Zombie is available for all models of PSP systems exclusively as a download through the PlayStation Network at $7.99 in North America and Asia, and 5 € in Europe. A French version will be available around November 19, 2009.

If you want to get more information on the game, check out and its new trailer!

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