If you’re involved in a business, then you’re almost definitely talking to people on a continual basis. For a lot of people, their job description means that they can basically talk on the phone with or send e-mails to a variety of people for the entire day, but communicating with them is just the beginning of what needs to be done. Whether you’re talking to customers, vendors, or anyone else for that matter, it’s important to record the details so that at any moment you or anyone else in your company can see the history of your communication with them. CRM (customer relationship management) software is ideal for this, and Timetonote puts the power of CRM in your hands.

If you’re not currently using some sort of CRM solution, then you know how crazy things can get when you’re trying to track down details in multiple e-mail messages, etc. The truth of the matter is that you will save time if you use Timetonote. When your entire team is involved, you can see recent history, find out who has talked to who, discover what was said, see upcoming tasks, and so on. Since Timetonote is totally free and the developers promise that this will continue to be true forever, you really have no excuse to not try managing information in this way.