When it comes to Twitter, there are a number of ways to determine how influential a user is. One of the metrics that people commonly look at is how many followers someone has, and while that is a fairly good way to gauge the influence of a user, we all know there are ways to literally buy followers, so it’s not foolproof. With that said, one of the things that people should be looking at more than follower figures is how many times other users retweet their tweets. If people are willing to send their messages out through their streams, then they obviously think that what they have to say is interesting or important, and that’s what truly matters. A site called dailyRT focuses on the tweets that are being retweeted the most.

By using dailyRT, you’ll see what’s popular on Twitter, and sometimes it’s pretty surprising. Not only can you see what’s hot right now, but you can also see what was hot over a certain period of time. The live view in particular really helps you to stay current with what’s being shared at that moment. Just because these tweets are popular, that doesn’t necessarily mean that you’re going to be interested in them, but the site is entertaining nonetheless.