For the longest time, whenever I traveled somewhere on vacation or for work, I stayed in hotels or condos that were managed by a company. However, on this last vacation that my wife and I took, we booked a condo through an owner on one of the vacation rental services, and I have to say, I can’t see any reason why I wouldn’t want to do that again. Not only did we save money, but there were also less hassles and the room was in better shape. Many of us have been fooled into thinking that we need to stay in hotels, but there are other options out there. When you book a place through an owner, you open yourself up to an entirely new world, and like me, you probably won’t want to go back. AirBnB gives you a variety of options from staying in a place by yourself to staying with someone on their couch.

If you’re prepared for anything and enter the site with an open mind, then you’ll find a lot of interesting opportunities. The site is global, so feel free to think internationally. Some of the highlighted locations and deals on the front page are truly incredible, and the reviews from travelers who have stayed at the places on the site help you to feel confident about the situation. I’m ready to pack my bags – are you?