Mozilla is continuing their beta testing of their new Thunderbird 3 email program, which is expected to go final towards the end of November, 2009. I have been trying the latest beta, T-bird 3 beta 4 this past week and I like what I am seeing thus far. First of all the new email version opens a lot quicker than version 2 does. But what really is new is the streamlined user interface that can be customized by the user.

New to version 3 is a tabs feature which can show your email accounts, feeds or new messages can show up as tabs, instead of a new window. This makes T-bird function more like it’s sister Firefox and will be familiar to most of us. A new archiving feature makes saving message a snap and is kind of like what Gmail has been offering for their accounts.

Also new to Thunderbird is a faster search feature for finding stuff you have saved or archived that works very well. The account setup feature can add Gmail account, feeds, newsgroups almost automatically for most users. There is also the ability to manually add accounts as well.

I will continue to try Mozilla Firefox as it enters into the RC stages and will do another review once Mozilla goes gold with the program.  As a side note T-bird works fine in Windows 7. 🙂

Comments welcome.