Platform: Windows – New Apps

3D Morris Special Offer

3D Morris the modern Version of an ancient Strategy game. It offers 2-player gaming, strong computer opponents, head-to-head online gaming and stunning 3D-rendered graphics. – [more in Games & Entertainment > Strategy & War Games]

Check My Mortgage 2000

Calculates any mortgage repayment schedule/table. Which mortgage? Compare expenses of each financing option. CheckMy Mortgage 2000 provides easy to use mortgage software to calculate any repayment schedule, compare different mortgages side by side and calculate refinancing gains and costs. Provides 12 different screens for quick calculations across the whole range of mortgage repayment schedules, includes MyMortgage schedule for checking your won mortgage repayments. US and Canadian mortgage rules. – [more in Home & Hobby > Personal Finance]

Virgo A Expirations Module

The Expiration option module automatically deletes Entries after a specified time period has elapsed. It is used to rid the Journal of information that will lose its pertinence sometime in the future. Airline or sports schedules are a good example of information that times out and is no longer pertinent. Useless data is a waste of computer resources, it’s a good idea to sweep out the old. – [more in System Utilities > Other]

Virgo A

New Technology. Virgo A fills a long-needed void: a desktop application that encrypts, stores and retrieves personal data, keeps it private, and performs automated tasks, all in one place. Using Virgo A, you manage personal information with the power and efficiency that your word processor provides for textual data and your spreadsheet application provides for numeric data. Additionally, this new technology does not force your data to be categorized or structured in any way. The growth of the Internet has caused an explosion in the quantity of small but vital bits of information that must be preserved. Passwords, website addresses, user login names, and all the rest have become an essential part of daily life. Add to that the ordinary necessity of keeping up with bank account numbers, telephone numbers, social security numbers, birth dates, mailing addresses, contact names, PIN numbers, insurance information, medical information, telephone banking codes, safe combinations, etc., andąthe need for a new way to manage personal information becomes obvious.ą Virgo A provides the solution. It was developed because the old ways of managing personal information are no longer adequate.ąSensitive information should have strong protection against unwanted or accidental disclosure. The increasing quantity of data, the increasing variety of data types, and the serious consequence of losing control of data makes sticky notes, black books, scraps of paper, and all the rest, out of touch with the reality of identity theft.ąPrying eyes are everywhere. Those methods have become old-fashioned, and are genuinely risky. A simple word – such as a carelessly misplaced password, now has the potential to cause personal or financial chaos. Virgo A provides much-needed protection against data theft. – [more in Business > PIMS & Calendars]

Platform: OS X – New Apps

TOP Video to DVD for Mac

Always lose your important video data due to the accidental crash of the computer? Always spend much energy and money to recover the data? Now, we can help you. TOP Video to DVD for Mac can help you convert your one or multiple video files to DVD format and burn them to one DVD movie. Plus, you can also carry them with you and watch them anytime anywhere only with a computer or a DVD player. With the powerful burning core, TOP Video to DVD for Mac will give you more surprise in future use. Download it right now and have a try for free! – [more in Audio & Multimedia > Rippers]

Midi Converter for Mac

Midi Converter for Mac is a small and simple utility designed mostly for musicians who compose music using their Macintosh computer. However, this program can be very useful for anyone who wants to convert midi music files to the far more popular and versatile MP3 format. If, for whatever reason, you don’t want to use that format, then it also allows you to convert to other popular formats. However, the most innovative thing about this program and what makes it win over other programs, is that it is simply so much faster. Around 10 times faster than the other competing programs, it means that you can get the job done properly which is especially important if you are on a deadline for whatever reason. This is because it converts the files directly, rather than having to record them first as other similar programs tend to have to do. The program is very easy to use, and a trial version is also available, allowing you to try out the program for free. It also allows you to embed a player, and has a number of other features which you may find extremely useful. What’s more, the program does not rely on your sound card with regards to the quality of the final output, so you can expect high and consistent quality, regardless of what sort of computer you are going to use it on. – [more in Audio & Multimedia > MIDI]

Aneesoft Apple TV Video Converter for Mac

Aneesoft Apple TV Video Converter for Mac is the easiest and fastest way to convert video files including HD to Apple TV MP4 video format and MP3, M4A audio formats on Mac OS. Supports of all popular video formats such as AVI, FLV, MP4, 3GP, 3G2, MPEG, MPG, MOV, WMV, MKV, RM, ASF, VOB, HD Video, MOD, TOD, etc, it helps you quickly convert and enjoy various video entertainment on HDTV with Apple TV. – [more in Audio & Multimedia > Converters]