Well it’s about time. No really, I think that once we see the iPhone moving to Verizon, AT&T is going to lose people in droves. Seriously, outside of the roll over minutes, why would anyone bother with it any longer?

There is really no question that providing iPhone access to Verizon users is also going to put yet another damper on Android sales though. It’s really a matter of available applications, something that iPhone destroys Android on with regard to a decent selection.

What I have yet to see happen just yet is for Android to make the jump to AT&T mobile products. Perhaps I missed something along the way, but thus far I have yet to see any Android phones presented by AT&T. I suspect this will change once Verizon gets a hold of the iPhone for itself.

In the end, one thing is crystal clear: AT&T is in big trouble when Verizon offers the iPhone as well. Why? Because of the fact that Verizon does (literally) provide a much stronger network in less than metro areas that AT&T ever did. And that is just sad.

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