The version 3 of Google’s Chrome browser is now considered stable, and does have some fixes for some things that were causing some to wonder why things were not functioning well. ( But the new and fun stuff is found in the version 4 builds.)

The stable version of Google’s Chrome browser has just received an update and moved up in tag number to According to its makers, the latest build includes the following:
– Resolved a history issue that affected going back from queries in Google Maps.

– Fixed issue with Adobe Acrobat Reader 9.2, where no content would be displayed.

– Fixed an infinite loop in AAC decoding.

– Fixed a top crasher.

– Fix issues where setInterval sometimes eats 100% CPU.

– Fix for the CVE-2009-XXXX security issue (Severity: medium) – User not warned for some file types that can execute JavaScript

– Fix for the CVE-2009-XXXX security issue (Severity: High) – Possible memory corruption in the Gears plugin

To get Chrome up-to-date either use its built-in update feature or download the latest version from this page.

The above list, taken from Tech Connect, shows that the problems now fixed in version 3 of Chrome, should get taken care of in Iron soon, I know that I have seen the Adobe Reader problem with Iron on two of my machines, and the zooming to 100% CPU usage has been seen on my Celeron laptop.

Now that the STABLE version 3.xx.xx  is there, perhaps some of the guys at Iron will add-in some of the options that are in the bleeding edge 4 versions, The latest Iron release was ahead of the stable version number of Chrome. Maybe it will continue that way.



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