I just went through another typical leftystrat boondoggle while trying to find an application.   This rant is not specific to any operating system, although today it happened to be linux.

Linux has an incredible photo editor: GIMP.   It’s also humongous and I’m not too fond of its user interface.  So I went to Google and put in ‘lightweight linux photo editor’.

The returns were almost 100% for photo managers; some that might do editing.  I installed Digikam, which immediately, without asking, started searching my drives for media.  When I halted the search, the program just sat there, refusing to come up.  I sat there, refusing to allow the program to remain on my hard drive.

This really pisses me off.

Back when I was looking for a decent audio player, a friend suggested Amarok.  He was nuts over it.  This was my first experience with Programs that Do It All.

Let me be clear: I do not want a computing experience: I want to use the computer.  I do not want an audio player that will manage my collection: I want one that will play my collection.  Today I don’t want a photo editor that will manage my collection: I want one that will edit photos (shock and surprise!).

OK, I guess it’s back to GIMP for the time being.   What a pisser.