There should be an image here!Generally speaking, Banshee is my preferred music player on Ubuntu. It offers the functionality I am looking for, despite STILL lacking Amazon integration. I cannot blame it for that though, being it is up to Amazon at the end of the day.

So what new features are available from the latest Banshee? Blockbuster movies? Kindle access? None of the above? Yes, nothing that most people will actually care about, sadly. While the technology behind the Internet Archive functionality is cool, the content is about as stunning as a typical Creative Commons movie.

As some others have likely already pointed out, Banshee needs to stick to the music. Despite being unable to do something cool with Amazon MP3s and OneBox, at the very least spare us with useless features no one outside of the nerdiest of the nerdly are going to give a flying rip about. Seriously, Internet Archive? Why??