While we all know that many times the things said are not the same as what is getting done in the back rooms of the corporate world, the leader of nVidia has always appeared to be a straight shooter,  though somewhat colorful in his speaking.

A story this morning from Maximum PC tends to dash the hopes many had, about another David taking on perpetual Goliath, Intel.

No matter what we’ve been hearing, a x86 CPU just doesn’t appear to be in the cards for Nvidia, at least according to the company’s outspoken CEO Jen-Hsun Huang.

“No,” he said when asked if there was any truth to the rumor. “Nvidia’s strategy is very, very clear. I’m very straightforward about it. Right now, more than ever, we have to focus on visual and parallel computing.”

Rather than allocate resources into developing a x86 chip to, say, compete at the low end where Intel’s Atom processors have the market nearly all to themselves, Huang says the best opportunities for growth will come from pushing the GPU “into all kinds of platforms,” such as servers for parallel computing, super-computing, and cloud-based computing, and in lower power platforms, like the Zune HD.

Speculation about Nvidia taking on Intel in the x86 market began much earlier in the year when Micheal Hara, Nvidia’s senior VP of investor relations and communications, said getting into the x86 business was a matter of ‘when,’ and not ‘if.’

So we see that there has been talking at cross purposes, which usually means that plans have been changed.

Still, there is that famous blurb that was widely quoted from Huang, telling all that could hear, that nVidia was about ready to open a can of ‘Whoop-ass” on Intel.

It hardly seems he could have been talking about the GPU market, since Intel has never been near the top of the graphics industry, and any movement on the Larrabee project only gets people ready to shout “Vaporware!” with the same manner that others might scream out an invective about male cow excrement.


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