About 3 years ago I discovered Pogo, which is an online community that offers several simple and addictive games.  There are hundreds of games and you have the chance to win anything from desktop backgrounds to $5,000 in jackpot spins that occur depending on your performance in any particular game.  You do not have to pay for an account but if you do you get access to “member only” games and if you do hit a cash jackpot it is doubled for paid members.  $5.99/month gets you unlimited access.  I recently won 6 months of free membership from Subway’s Scrabble Sweepstakes.  As you play you earn “tokens” which can be used for anything from buying goodies for your “avatar” to entering drawings for cash and other prizes.

Some of my favorite games are:

Vaults of Atlantis

Dice Derby

Tri-Peaks Solitaire

Dice City Rollers

Shuffle Bump

Those are only a few of my favorites.  Recently they just added Battleship, Monopoly, Yatzee and other well known games.  Classic games we all know and love with cute, funny or cleaver twists and bonus games added.

So, do you Pogo?  If so, leave a comment with your Pogo user name so I can add you as a friend!