We left the cave on Saturday for the Fall Philly Guitar Show.  It was a beautiful day to be out, but then again, any day is a beautiful day for a guitar show.  It is, in fact, one of the few times we get to leave the cave.

The show happens twice a year at the Valley Forge Convention Center.  Read my reviews of previous shows in the archives.

This was not a show full of surprises: guitar shows rarely are these days.

My main focus is lefties (obviously) and there were a few present, although nothing that really got me going.  I did see a Jay Turser lefty doubleneck and was advised they would make me one.. that should be interesting.  It didn’t even feel like it came with a chiropractor!

My favorite scene of the day was Wall-O-Puke.  Ok, technically it was a collection of Fender guitars and basses in the antigua finish, but it’s so ugly I call it pukeburst.  It also happens to be the finish on my number one guitar: I’d perform borderline illegal acts to find another one.

I’ll let the pictures speak for themselves (click for full size and keep a bag handy):

Now that’s a lot of pukeburst!  It was a collection that was supposed to be sold together.  It’s certainly the largest collection of antigua I have ever seen in one place.  Note the lefty P-Bass and Coronado (neither of which I was looking for).

Also present was one of the Holy Grails of Les Pauls: the Peter Green/Gary Moore Les Paul:


I went to the guitar show and got the t-shirt.  And some 250k Fender pots.  DR strings stopped making yellow and green strings…bummer… nothing else looks good on the pukeburst.

Until the weather gets nicer again, I’m staying in.