There should be an image here!Would you use Bing in exchange for some free Wi-Fi? Honestly, depending on where I was financially, I might. Then again, I suspect some folks will find a way to simply game the system so they can still use Google, but enjoy that free Wi-Fi that Bing is to be offering at select locations.

I will say it is campaigns like this that do not lend any credibility to Bing as a legitimate threat. TV, print and Internet ads, sure. Bribery… not so much. Then again, some might say Google does the same thing. But I do not know of anything Google is doing like this on this kind of scale.

Frankly, outside of the cheesy factor, I don’t really see a lot of harm here. Besides, the sad fact of the matter is that people will either choose to use Bing based on its search performance or not. I for one, remain unimpressed and have continued to use Google.

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