It seems that Blockbuster, the once darling of the movie rental business, is really grabbing at straws. Ever since Netflix started to take off with low pricing of DVD rentals and streaming of on demand movies, Blockbuster has been playing second fiddle in the rental market. With Redbox renting movies at a buck a pop, this has added to the problem that Blockbuster is facing.

But in what can only be described as a last ditch effort for survival, Blockbuster is going to rent movies on SD Cards at $1.99 per rental. The thinking is that consumers who have card readers built into their TVs, which I personally have on my Panasonic Plasma set in the living room, can use the card media to watch movies with.  I also have card readers in my laptop computers so this may be an easy way to watch flicks on an airplane.

A recent article also states:

Other obstacles remain. Many phones use micro or mini SD cardslots, and don’t take full-sized SD cards. Many TVs still aren’t built to play video of SD media, and most laptops don’t have them either, meaning that watching an SD video on the road means taking a long a USB card reader. Another problem: not everyone will enjoy the irony of driving somewhere to pick up a data-card the size of a postage stamp. Still, SD cards do represent a marked improvement over DVDs in durability and re-usability, so if they caught on it’d hardly be a step backwards for movie buffs.

The SD kiosks themselves will be built and operated by NCR corporation, in partnership with MOD Systems. Blockbuster already employs a network of NCR-build kiosks for autonomous DVD rental.

So what do you think? Is Blockbuster on to something or is this a last attempt to stay afloat?

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