Normally I would point out that a media mongol such as Rupert Murdoch is obviously doing something right financially, being he is clearly doing a heck of a lot better in the pocketbook than most of us. Claiming he is clueless is a bit like saying someone else who has been able to grow a media empire is off his rocker for his views on how Google interacts with his various Web properties.

With the above clarified, I will say this. The man must be off his rocker if he thinks that withdrawing his properties from Google News will do anything but create problems for him in the long term. Then again, what if he realizes something that we do not?

Regardless of what he knows or thinks he knows, at the end of the day the man will be leaving money on the table by not adequately working with the situation rather than fighting with it. Yes, it is still possible to break news over Google news and still gain the value back on the original Web site. Sadly, whoever is in charge of his Web properties is clearly asleep at the wheel or is unable to perform their job with any level of competence.

The fact of the matter is that bucking Google for Murdoch is a mistake, be it not a fatal one for his properties. It’s a mistake in the sense that he going to lose out on revenue opportunities, while at the same time still being able to potentially build out his own alternatives for headline discovery.

As to what Murdoch’s beef is with gaining the maximum readers that come from being featured in Google news is all about, that is something that is clearly of some debate. Hopefully, those folks who are merely working for his Web properties, as their day jobs, do not pay a price for Murdoch’s mistakes in this realm.

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