So which is it? Are you someone who is interested in seeing your screen smaller and portable when logging onto the world of computers or, instead, do you enjoy the comfort of sitting in front of a desktop? This has been something discussed amongst geeks for years. Despite this, it appears that no real progress has actually been made.

No, even speaking for myself, I find that I am unable to really decide which way is the best to work from. It really depends on my mood. When I am on top of my game, there is no question that working from within my home office on the desktop is where I prefer to be.

But if I am feeling under the weather a bit, then I’ve found that working from my notebook provides me with the kind of mobility a sick person might come to expect.

So what about you? Which type of computing appliance best meets your needs? Hit the comments and let us know how you best like to get your geek on.