Yipes! I no sooner did I write about this and they are already sold out online. PLUS, Best Buy only has 5 of these computers per store.

We all suspected that this holiday season would be full of goodies and it looks like we will not be disappointed. Best Buy will be offering an Acer laptop computer, with a 900 Celeron processor, 2 GB of RAM and a 160 GB hard disk for only $249.00. This price reflects what Best Buy and others may have in store for us this holiday season.

According to a recent article it also states that:

This holiday, computing selection at Best Buy spans nine popular brands, and includes over 30 laptops, six netbooks, 17 desktops and four all-in-ones. The assortment, coupled with new technologies and promotional offers like the $249.99 Acer laptop, are intended to help both customers who want to upgrade their own gear with the arrival of Windows 7, and who have computing on their wish lists for holiday.

“For many of us, computers are the center of our digital worlds, and Best Buy is committed to remaining a valued partner in this space,” said Jason Bonfig, vice president of computers at Best Buy. “We promise a broad assortment of quality products at a variety of price points, all the major brands, and smart Best Buy Blue Shirts and Geek Squad Agents to help customers feel confident about the choices they’re making.”

Just last week Walmart introduced a laptop on sale for $299.99, but was only offered in limited quantities. So with Best Buy dropping the price to $249.99, it makes one wonder just how low prices will go.

Consumers now face another problem. With laptop prices dropping down to netbook pricing, which becomes the better deal? A notebook that has a built in DVD and faster processor or a netbook with just the basics?

Which unit offers a better value in your opinion?

Comments welcome.

PS I wonder when Amazon is going to introduce their low price deal?


Best Buy site for the Acer.