After years of fighting a he said, she said battle, Intel has agreed to pay AMD $1.25 billion dollars to settle any and all allegations. This shot in the pocket book will hopefully help AMD to get back on their feet. But I believe there is more to this settlement and it is something that I have believed for years.

IMHO AMD makes a processor that is equal to or better than what Intel can produce. I have personally used AMD products since about 1997.Fact is all five computers in my home all use AMD processors. I purposely buy only AMD because I have always believed two things. One, is that if it wasn’t for AMD, I am sure we would be paying higher prices for Intel only chips. Two, I believe that Intel did blackmail OEM’s into using their chips at the expense of AMD.

The current settlement also includes:

  • AMD and Intel both get patent rights in a cross-licensing pact;
  • Intel will give up any patent claims against AMD;
  • Intel will agree to adhere to business practice provisions;
  • And AMD drops all pending litigation against Intel.

There are some additional stipulations included in the article from ZD net that you can read at the source link below.

I would hope that all of you would consider buying an AMD powered computer when buying your next system. Though the settlement will help the company survive, our support is also needed in order to keep Intel honest.

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