For those who need additional space to store their stuff in the cloud, Google is offering 20GB of storage space for only $5 a year. On its blog it states that this amount of storage can hold up to 10,000 full resolution photos from a 5 megapixel camera. Google will also be offering additional storage space for an added fee.

The company also says that:

If you need more than 20 GB, plans range all the way up to 16 TB, which is enough room for 8 million full resolution photos! And Google paid storage offers an extra level of security, protection and accessibility that you can’t get with an external drive — at a similar cost per gigabyte.

As always, extra storage acts as an overflow that you only start using when you reach the limit of your free storage, and people who have extra storage will be automatically upgraded. So if you need more space for thousands of photos of your toddler, or if you’re running out of room in your overflowing inbox, visit to see all the plans and to buy more storage.

Google wants to be your in the cloud storage partner. But will people use this low cost storage to store their precious stuff?

Now that Microsoft has entered into the cloud storage arena how will it respond to Google pricing?

What do you think?