Back in the early days of the Internet, the only account information that we had to remember was usually related to our dial-up Internet service, e-mail, and maybe one or two other accounts. In other words, account management wasn’t exactly overwhelming. Of course, these days, in order to do anything on the Internet, it seems like you have to have an account for whatever it is. Just like me, you can probably barely remember all of the services that you have accounts on let alone what the account information is. In order to try and keep you organized, Mitto has developed an online password manager that remembers everything for you.

Since Mitto is an online service, you’ll be able to access your account info even if you’re away from your home computer, and once your accounts are added, you can click and access many of them without having to manually login. Tagging helps to keep things categorized appropriately, and you can even use Mitto to securely share passwords with people that you trust. Now the challenge is remembering your Mitto password.