If you are thinking about buying a Blu-ray player this holiday season, you may wish to wait until you see if video streaming might be a better option. There appears to be several different companies who are jumping on the video streaming bandwagon.

The current leader of the pack that has made video streaming popular is Netflix. Being a Netflix member of their $8.99 a month or more services, entitles the user to download video’s to your computer, or to use a device to stream video to your TV. Netlfix also offers streaming to other devices such as Microsoft’s Xbox 360, Sony’s PS3 or Tivo, plus the Roku Video Player.

Recently Blockbuster announced that they would be using SD cards to distribute movies for home use via kiosk. Best Buy is teaming with CinemaNow to start their own video streaming for home users. It will be only a matter of time until other players join the fray.

With this in mind, DVD and Blu-ray movies may be heading for extinction. Or if not extinction for limited release at most likely a higher cost.

So what do you think? Is streaming video the future? Will DVD and Blu-ray disks fade into the sunset?

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