I often wonder why things like this are pursued. It appears to come from the thought process that things provided will find a reason for their existence.

YouTube is something that can provide hours of fun, but it occurs to me that only the desperate would use it as a way to view high quality content. I can’t see it used that way because I have experience with a very fast machine on a very fast connection, with jerks and glitches on the screen over a fair percentage of the time. This detracts from the experience a great deal. In fact, to my way of thinking, the higher quality the experience is on average, the worse it is for there to be any interruptions, glitches, or other problems with the presentation of picture and sound.

Yet we have news that YouTube will start providing 1080p for viewing.

Barring the fact that these interruptions are completely annoying, we should look at the bandwidth taken by these narrowcasts. There is also the problem of drive space. If they don’t have it happening already, it won’t be long before there will be a staff whose job is adding hard drives to the Google servers, for the YouTube storage.

It has to have limits somewhere.

But nothing I say will change that, as we can see on Maximum PC

In recent years, 1080p camcorders have found their way into more consumers’ hands. Now YouTube will allow people to take advantage of all those pixels. Starting next week, the HD options on the popular video sharing site will include both 720p and 1080p, provided the original source allows it.

There is a test video already up here. Performance seems to be good, but it doesn’t look tremendously different from current YouTube HD offerings. If you have an HD camera, YouTube would like you upload some 1080p video. They will be highlighting some of the best footage on the front page soon.  If you shoot HD video, will you take the extra time to upload your videos in 1080p?

I haven’t looked, but the above paragraph makes me wonder if the video really is 1080p, or if it might be getting sampled down.

I can see a whole new level of site popping up, sort of like ‘At the Movies’, but instead ‘At the Tube’ where a couple of people help the newcomer, or impatient soul (such as me), to sort out the garbage that might be of lovely quality, but a complete waste of time and bandwidth otherwise (I’m sure you each have your own useless video to fill in the blank).


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