This honestly made me smile. And bear in mind, today pretty much sucked from the time I woke up this morning. AT&T knowing it is in deep with the power using base, is pointing out that it has a wide EDGE network and that its 3G network is faster than Verizon’s. Okay, faster could be cool if it was DEPENDABLE enough to use. Just a crazy idea I have been kicking around.

For myself personally I have found that AT&T’s 3G is usable under the following conditions.

  1. You live in a metro area while being inside or are outside in smaller towns.
  2. You have no problems with calls being dropped or waiting 10 hours or more to receive text messages.

Yes, as you may have guessed I have since turned off 3G for the most part and stick to EDGE out of the home and Wi-Fi here at the house. Something about carrying around a useless appliance unable to receive calls that made me take this approach. I am clearly a radical.

T-Mobile, formerly VoiceStream, used to be considered the laughing stock of the wireless world only a few years ago. Today, T-Mobile has since stopped trying to be the “best” and instead, offers great rates with reasonably okay service.

Sadly, I have watched in disbelief as Cingular became the spawn of AT&T’s mismanagement. What used to be a fairly decent company to own a phone through became a mess as 3G was mismanaged from the beginning and the company took on the iPhone responsibility for which it CLEARLY was not ready for based on my own experiences.

Today, I sadly remain with the company only due to the fact that I own the iPhone 3G and so does my wife. Bundle that with a contract and other family members using my plan and you can see the migrating is no easy task.

Someday though, likely later than I might like, I will be making the switch to another carrier. And it will not be based solely on the phones being offered either.

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