This is not a good year for Chris Paul, the point guard for the New Orleans Hornets. His individual statistics are comparable to other years but his team is struggling. At the moment, they have won only three games while losing six. Some of those games were lost early and by a lopsided score.

The New Orleans Hornets have attempted to resolve the problem by firing Coach Byron Scott and replacing him with the General Manager, Jeff Bower. This was the last year of his contract for Bryon Scott and his recent “NBA Coach of the Year” honours did not save him.

In these early season games, the Hornet’s defense has been lacking and some veteran players have been missing shots. Offensive production has been disappointing. One has to wonder what a season like this does to a player as competitive as Chris Paul.

It is unlikely that Chris Paul will do what Kobe Bryant did when the Lakers were struggling. Kobe Bryant is remembered for some very public tirades and suggesting that some team mates be traded. Nevertheless, being on a team that soon may not have any post season hopes may impact Chris Paul as much as any of the Hornets. He will be an elite athlete, one of the best point guards in professional basketball, just trying to keep the game close. There will be some nights when it will embarrassing.

Chris Paul seems to be one of those athletes who really cares about winning. The thirteen and a half million dollars annual salary will not ease the distress of constant losing. How Chris Paul handles this season may determine the next years of the New Orleans franchise.

Catherine Forsythe