Two of the major electronic retailers, CompUSA and Circuit City are posed for a comeback if one company has their way. That company is little known Systemax, which is not exactly a household name. But you may know one of their companies which is Tiger Direct.

Thus far Systemax has brought back 3 CompUSA stores in the Tampa, FL. area. Currently Circuit City is only available online for purchases. But other plans are on the way. According to one recent article it states that:

Along the way, Systemax also bought the intellectual property and brand of CircuitCity, another victim of the downturn. That brand is coming back to life. Systemax is operating CircuitCity as an online-only merchant, in some respects competing with Amazon or other Internet retailers.

CompUSA was always a good place for real computer people to get oddball hardware or doodads to amp up their PCs – a graphics card, a new motherboard, etc. And much of that will stick around. There’s a large service desk for PC repair and upgrades.

Recently, the store hosted “Overclock” contests, where true propeller-head guys open up demo PCs, and retool their innards to run at a higher pace – kind of like ramping up a four-cyclinder Toyota to absurdly high RPMs.

“We had one contest where people were cheering and chanting ‘Overclock! Overclock!’ until the hardware snapped,” Paul said. “We’ll still have things like that.”

But now, TVs take a much more prominent role, with more than 65 different models from 19 inches to 73 inches, something never seen in an old CompUSA.

As for how CompUSA will compete against other electronics giants, Paul said he expects store managers to make more decisions locally about how to help customers work through their problems. Something akin to a neighborhood electronics shop, but with the deep resources of a national chain.

What is great about these stores coming back to life is that will offer additional competition in the electronic retail market. I am sure we all can agree that the more competition there is, the better the prices are for we consumers.

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