Yes, Matrox, the name no one remembers when asked about graphics card manufacturers, because they don’t do 3D, used to be, before the days of Voodoo, a pretty decent card maker.

I have fond memories of a Matrox Mystique, and it was spectacular for the time. I never understood why they chose not to compete in the ATi – nVidia arena, because one thing they could do, which ATi never could, was deliver quality drivers for their products.

It does seem that the company wants to make a splash right now, with a card that touts lots of display power and memory. Surely this is not directed only at the stock broker crowd.

from Maximum PC

Matrox isn’t a name you hear a lot anymore. The graphics spotlight has been effectively taken over by Nvidia and AMD. Matrox isn’t letting that get them down and have announced a new GPU, the Matrox M9188 PCIe x16 multi-display Octal.

The M9188 comes equipped with eight DisplayPort outputs and 2GB of RAM. Each of the DisplayPorts is capable of driving a monitor with a resolution of 2560×1600. They also throw in eight DisplayPort to DVI adapters in case you have eight DVI monitors lying around.

Further, the driver supports multiple cards on a system. So with two of these monsters, you’d be capable of running 16 monitors with a total resolution of 20,480 X 3,200, in a 2 X 8 configuration.  Good luck finding wallpaper for that.

Now if they decided to do a little 3D magic, imagine what might happen. Though I’m sure that more Eyefiniti designs will be sold, it would be very cool to see some Matrox designs that would play some of my son’s favorite games acceptably. Perhaps Matrox could partner up with another small fry, like S3, and give the big 2 a little competition.


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