I have been accused of being a Google zealot, and I must admit, I do like Google and their boat load of products. But this week there is a new rumor spreading across the Internet that if true, could be the biggest software release that Google would have to date. I am talking about the Google Chrome operating system. The super secret OS could make its debut as early as next week. No one knows for sure exactly what the OS will be, since Google has done a very good job keeping the OS hidden from prying eyes.

But this afternoon I got my crystal ball back from the repair shop and I took a look at what the Google OS could be. It is going to be a light weight Linux version designed to first run on netbooks. Later Google will tackle laptops and desktops which will be supported. The OS will support many of Google’s fine products, such as the Google Chrome browser, Gmail, Google Apps. in the Cloud, Google Maps, and many of Google’s other online products. With the Google OS the world will be yours when you surf anywhere, from anywhere you like and one day it may be all for free.

So how are all of these Google puzzle pieces going to all come together? Be patient and the Google vision will soon be revealed.

What are your thoughts about Google and their OS ?

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