First there was this article from the New York Times which stated:

Americans, it turns out, are less willing than people in many other Western countries to pay for their online news, according to a new study by the Boston Consulting Group.

Among regular Internet users in the United States, 48 percent said in the survey, conducted in October, that they would pay to read news online, including on mobile devices. That result tied with Britain for the lowest figure among nine countries where Boston Consulting commissioned surveys. In several Western European countries, more than 60 percent said they would pay.

Sounds good. Especially if you are the N.Y. Times which advocates paid subscriptions as being their savior.

So when I read this article it was even more confusing:

While publishers continue to weigh their premium digital content prospects, a new Forrester Research reports indicates that 80 percent of U.S. consumers maintain they will no longer access newspapers and magazines online if the content is not free. Among the 20 percent of consumers who would agree to premium access, 8 percent favor a subscription model to access all online content, another 8 percent prefer a subscription approach that combines web, print and mobile device access, and just 3 percent desire a micropayments-based model charging for each article read.

So with 128% of people being surveyed, it seems that there are quite a few opinions about paid subscriptions.  LOL

I do know one thing for sure. I won’t be one who will pay for news content. I can almost guarantee you that the news will remain free for the access on the Internet provided by someone. Who that someone might be is anyone’s guess.

What do you think? Will you pay for news?

Comments welcome.

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