The people in Russia are not to happy with one segment of the new Modern Warfare 2 game, that could be interpreted as portraying Russians as terrorists. The segment causing much discussion involves a Russian airport in which players must decide whether to fire on Russian citizens or not. This has caused Russians authorities to pull the game from store shelves and ban the game from purchase.

On the flip side, the makers of the game, are doing the following:

Infinity Ward has opted to patch the level out entirely for Russian consumers, and an edited version of the game is expected to be re-released in less than a month, pending government approval. Even that may not pass, however, considering the entire game is based around a war between the US and Russian forces.

Russian gamers are apparently very unhappy with the game’s content. One Web site, GotPS3, railed against Infinity Ward for catering to an American audience and ignoring the sensitivities of other cultures. The site believes that Infinity Ward portrays the Russians as terrorists.

Interesting. This afternoon I was playing a game which involves shooting World War II German soldiers. This makes me wonder if the people of Germany should complain that they are victims as well.

What do you think?

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