There should be an image here!Sometimes it is difficult not to have some sympathy for the Internet security people. It seems that they have an uphill battle and often the headlines are not encouraging. For example, earlier this month, Gregg Keizer reported “Windows 7 more vulnerable to malware than Vista, says researcher.”* Then there are reports saying that Twitter has a malware worm, that more and more Web sites are hosting malware, and that even sites like the New York Times have been compromised…**

The truth is that it is a cat-and-mouse game between the criminals/hackers and the security people. The hackers are ready to take advantage of every opportunity. Recently, former beauty contestant Carrie Prejean was in the news. It was just hours later that there were malware and spyware sites using the “Carrie Prejean” search to infect computers.***

Firewalls and security products are absolutely necessary. This space makes it a regular habit of reminding our readers of the need to be active in protecting your computer and personal, confidential information. No anti-virus or anti-malware product can guarantee that they are a hundred percent effective. It would be just an impossible guarantee because of the speed of the Internet and the opportunities for crime.

For that reason, there is one product that we believe is necessary and that we recommend. That product is WinPatrol and there are many good reasons for using this product.

Some malware can install without you having to do anything. These are the so called “drive-by” downloads, and you probably wouldn’t even know that a malware program has been installed — the hackers are that good at compromising your system. There is a way to protect your machine constantly; WinPatrol is like a watchdog for your computer. And like a great watchdog, it alerts you if there are any attempted changes on your machine. That means that you have a chance to stop a malware installation because WinPatrol has your machine under constant surveillance.

You decide whether to allow any changes on the machine. Even the changes that legitimate programs attempt to make will be noted — you have to allow permission. For example, some programs you use now may ‘phone home’ and want to update. WinPatrol will alert you to see if you want this update. It is an extra layer of security — and it prevents a load of problems.

Bill Pytlovany is giving our readers a terrific discount on WinPatrol. Bill is a recognized security expert by Microsoft in its MVP program with decades of experience. Here is Bill’s list of what WinPatrol can do.

Bill is reducing the cost of this program by ten dollars. Use this link and the coupon code “Gnomes” for the discount on WinPatrol Plus. It “supports Windows 98 through Windows 7, including x64 systems.”

The offer expires on November 25, 2009.

This is affordable protection. Malware still needs to install on your machine for it to work. WinPatrol gives you one last chance to stop an infection, even though you have a firewall and other security programs. There are many Gnomies who would not be without WinPatrol on any of their computers. We recommend it without any hesitation — and it is a huge bargain at this price.

* Windows 7 more vulnerable to malware than Vista, says researcher by Gregg Keizer @ InfoWorld, November 4, 2009

** New York Times Reforms Online Ad Sales After Malware Scam by David Kravets @ Wired, September 14, 2009

*** Carrie Prejean sex tape stream search by Marci Stone @ ‘Net Buzz Examiner, November 14, 2009