So I’ve had my Droid for about 24 hours.

Since I’ve been otherwise occupied with the unavoidable consequences of occasionally having a life, I have had much interaction with it, other than it very occasionally ringing.  I can live with that.

This morning it was time to tackle one of the most important functions: transferring multimedia files.  Being brave (and incredibly stupid) I figured I’d have a go with my choice of operating system: linux.  The small amount I’ve read indicates that the phone plays well with Mac and Windows, but who cares?  The forums don’t even mention linux, except for requests (I’m used to that).

I plugged the phone into a spare USB port, it asked me if I wanted to mount it (the storage card), I said yes, and POOF – there it was, popping up on my computer screen (Xubuntu 9.10 64 bit).  I copied over a boatload of music files (the internal player plays a bunch more formats than I thought but my interest is in MP3 and OGG).  It will not play DRM files (not that I have any).

Wow, a device that is plug and play with linux – did you ever think you’d see such a thing?  🙂


The vibrating I felt is part of the feedback system (I turned it off).  In the meantime, the Exchange sync finished populating my Business Calendar (regular calendar is a Google function) and Contacts, so I feel like a whole person now 🙂

Contacts brought over my groups from Exchange and allowed me to set up Favorites.  This mimics the quick dial on my Treo.


Thus far, the phone works great, sms and email are fine, and it transfers and plays music.

Overall, it’s a bit too foo-foo for me but I’ll deal with it.  It’s still better than a Crackberry or iPhone (and I don’t require Steve Jobs’ permission to install and play files).  It’s much faster and larger than my Treo, which is largely what I was looking for in the first place.

I still haven’t given it any Gmail info.

More later.