In an attempt to reduce energy use for television sets, California will set new regulations for televisions sold after January 1, 2011. The new regulations will be for sets up to 58″ in size. The state says that television sets currently make up about 10% of electrical use for a typical family.

An L.A. Times article states:

The new rules cover the increasingly popular liquid-crystal display and plasma high-definition TVs as well as old-fashioned cathode ray tube and rear-projection sets.

The average plasma screen TV uses more than three times the power as a bulky cathode ray tube TV, the energy commission says.

“The average Californian should not see a cost premium,” says the LCD TV Assn. “They will, however, benefit from dozens to hundreds of dollars in energy cost savings over their TV’s lifetime, thus making the proposed standard extremely cost-effective.”
The commission estimates that switching to more efficient TVs would save an average of $30 per set per year and $8.1 billion in electricity bills statewide over the first decade

Now you have to understand how the electricity is doled out to the masses in California for users that are stuck with Pacific Gas & Electric. After the state of California was duped by outside electrical grid suppliers,  deregulation ended in California, and the state basically let PG&E set its own rates. Sure, it has a regulatory agency that oversees the company, but it is all but a joke.

Now picture this if you will. If the State of California estimates that consumers will save some $8.1 billion in electricity bills over the first decade, it isn’t going to happen, folks. PG&E will raise its rates to make up for the loss!

How do I know this is going to happen? Every time California suffers a drought, the water agencies ask their users to conserve. People start to conserve and the water agency doesn’t make enough money, so it raises the water rates. Once the drought is over, the rates don’t go down. 🙂

Don’t get me wrong. I applaud California for trying to get any electricity guzzler to be more efficient. The ones who will actually benefit are those of us who are not being gouged by our electric suppliers and who live outside of California. These are the same states that are able to balance their budgets as well. LOL

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