Dell is slowly closing down their North Carolina facility, which at one time employed 1400 people. By January, 2010 the plant will be vacant and the locals are looking for a new tenant to fill the void. The plant which was opened 4 years ago, promised prosperity for the local township, has left residents angry.

According to a local news article it stated the following:

It’s been a slow fade for the company which had promised so much when it announced amid great fanfare that it was locating the esteemed plant in North Carolina. But more than 250 employees were laid off at the plant in March, dropping the workforce from 1,400 in January to 1,140.

The plant had only been in operation for four years when it suddenly announced last month plans to close.

With the addition of the plant, the rural landscape along Union Cross Road in southern Forsyth County slowly changed. Many residents said the peace and quiet they’d grown to enjoy was replaced by with traffic and noise.”There were just farms up and down this road,” said Paul Stephens, who along with his wife lived off Union Cross for several decades. “Now you look at it — shopping centers and everything.”

“It is a waste — nothing but a waste,” Stephens added. “They spent a lot of money to get setup and just four years — we didn’t expect it. We wanted them to last at least five.”Now Stephens said he wonders what will happen if the lot stands vacant. City officials have said they are working to find a new tenant for the building.”It would bother us if it wasn’t maintained.

It don’t do the neighborhood any good with shrubs and stuff grown over it,” Stephens said. “It could sit there for several years. It would take a big company to come and make good use of it.”

Competition in the computer market has been stiff, with companies such as HP-Compaq, Acer and others claiming more market share. Dell could be pushed out of the number 3 market spot in 2010, if and when. Acer and Toshiba merge.

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