The health care bill is 2,074 pages. It will impact millions and millions of Americans if it is passed into legislation or if it is rejected:

“The 2,074-page Senate bill seeks to reduce the long-term costs of health care for the government, businesses and individuals, while reforming how services are delivered to increase efficiency and effectiveness.

It includes controversial provisions such as a government-run public health insurance option unanimously opposed by Republicans.

The bill would prohibit illegal immigrants from participating in a health insurance exchange created for those unable to afford health coverage and would prohibit the use of federal funds for abortion coverage in the exchange, according to a briefing for journalists arranged by the Senate Democratic leadership.”

link: At 2,074 pages and $849 billion, Senate health bill arrives

How many of the elected representatives will take the time to read and digest over two thousand pages of documentation? And how long would it take to read and comprehend that amount of material?

Certainly the politicians will delegate the reading to aides and assistants. There will be synopses and briefings. Nevertheless, it seems ironic that the bulk of the actual legislation might never be read by the elected representatives… ironic and somewhat frightening.

Catherine Forsythe