The guys at Opera are being very careful this time. There are so few things left that have been changed that perfection is within reach. This is something I haven’t seen before – a Release Candidate 3 for Opera 10.10.

From the Opera site we have the list of things changed –


– Removed Inconsolata.otf and info-header.png from opera: pages

– Fixes to select the default Speed Dials and bookmarks from custom/locale

– Fixed Bug DSK-271292 (“No message selected” text missing)

– Fixed Bug DSK-271097 (Opened widget does not get focus on double-clicking it in the widgets panel)

– Fixes some string and translations issues

– Fixes to the translation of the activity feed

– Cookie infinite loop fix

– Some small tweaks to the Photo Sharing application

– Added a string “Preparing…” behind the main image

– Changed the loading spinner to an image count for the thumbnails

– Fixed Bug DSK-271007 (Spinner animation stretched in Unite config dialog)

– Partial Fix to Bug DSK-271038 (Generating images in the Photo Sharing application is slow/cpu excessive in opera)

– Fixed Bug DSK-271145 (Downloaded applications are set to invisible in upnp/asd/search engines by default)

– Fixed Bug DSK-271306 (Unite password not protected by master password)

– Fixed Bug DSK-271394 (Crash on toggling account creation section in Unite configure dialog after logging in once)

– Fixed Bug DSK-271444 (Upgrading an uninstalled app doesn’t ask to choose a folder)

The bugs that were in Unite are all being squashed, and though nothing is being said, the indication is that next on the list is the revamped rendering engine.

Opera keeps getting better, and offers uses of the web that otherwise would require much more knowledge and time to set up.

As has been shown in the recent past, it continues to be the browser with the fewest exploited flaws. Whether you believe it is because of smaller number of users, or something else, it is important to know that many  who are on ‘ the other side ‘ use this browser, to keep themselves from being attacked.

For me, it strikes a great balance between being customizable to the tastes of the user, without getting so caught up in it that changes take away the focus of browsing.

As always, recommended.


Opera, the fastest and most secure web browser

above link takes you to 10.01, 10.10 RC3 is also found on the website under beta versions