Google has some very specific visions on what a Netbook should be and how their new operating system will change how the current crop of Netbooks will change. In a screen shot of their new Chromium operating system, they have three must have features, that the new operating system will have. These are speed, simplicity and security.

Google is also going to insist that manufacturers that wish to produce a Netbook running the Google operating will have to adhere to specific guidelines from Google. As an example, Google wants their OS running on flash memory based solid state drives [SSD]. These types of drives run faster and are more power efficient. Conventional magnetic platter drives need not apply.

Google seems to be taking a page from Apple. Google does not want their operating system and pint sized, cheap Netbooks with tiny keyboards. If you have seen the Asus Eee PC with the 10.1 screen, this would seem to be the smallest Netbook Google may choose to have their operating system installed on. Just a guess on part.

What do you think? What is your vision for a Google PC? Is Google going to reinvent the Netbook or just improve upon it?

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