So many handsets, not enough consistency. This could very well become the new theme for Android development if Google is not careful. It seems that freedom in the development space is a double edged sword, after all. Great from the perspective of being free to develop as you like, but a hassle because you are developing for so many different phones with various types of firmware in play.

Is the answer then to simply limit the number of phones that can use Android? Nope. Can’t really be done. It’s available to everyone. And with the phone manufacturers anxious to compete with Apple, there is really not a lot Android app developers can do about it.

The only thing I see left in the possibility list is something that I know is not going to sit too well with developers and further drive the iPhone apps into the realm of supremacy: different Android app versions. Yeah, this is not going to likely float really well either, but unless something else gives, I am not seeing a lot of viable alternatives to it.

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