This is a post I’ve been meaning to write for quite some time. Almost every place I’ve worked has had a problem with certain managers sitting around, doing nothing. They also sometimes sit and browse the web, talk, chat and play video games all day. I’ve even had a boss of mine play World of Warcraft all day, then show other managers how to tunnel through the corporate firewall to play using their Internet connection at home.

This always angered me because I didn’t get to play WOW all day. I had to work. If I didn’t work, I was told that my numbers weren’t where they needed to me and had to improve. I had to toil away while the boss didn’t really have to do anything all day. This went on for years without anybody noticing (and from what I hear still goes on today). The attitude of this particular boss was that he had paid his dues and earned his place, and he should be able to do as he pleases. He doesn’t feel anybody should get angry.

There is also a saying that goes “Worry about yourself and don’t worry about others”. It goes the same way as “You can control your actions, but you can’t control the actions of others.” Still it pisses me off to see a manager that could be providing me with resources spend hours trying to get a raid together.

I’m curious what others think about this topic. I believe answers may vary depending on whether a person is a manager or not. For myself, I know my co-workers wouldn’t respect me at all if I didn’t work all day. I wouldn’t be able to live with that kind of guilt either. I would just work and keep what web browsing and chatting I do to a minimum. What do you think?