The Associated Press is reporting that in the United States, newspaper subscriptions have declined on average of 10.6% for the six month period ending in September, 2009. The survey of  379 newspaper publications that sell print editions, may not be entirely accurate. New counting methods have been introduced that may skewer the results.

As an example the AP cites the following:

These looser standards are especially helpful to a newspaper if it sells an “electronic edition.” That can include a subscriber-only Web site, such as what The Wall Street Journal has, or it can be a digital replica of a newspaper’s printed product. Several dozen publications, including USA Today, sell access to these daily “e-editions” that show how the news was laid out in print.

Under the new auditing standards, if a newspaper sells a “bundled” subscription to both the print and electronic editions, the publication is often allowed to count that subscriber twice.

In has also been reported that Microsoft is trying to make a deal with newspaper organizations by paying them not to be in the search index of Google search. The Redmond giant wants to get the newspapers to use Bing instead. But as newspaper circulation continue to decline, this may not be enough to save newspapers.

What do you think? Do you still subscribe to your local paper and why?

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