The Opera browser that combines Opera with the Unite additions complete and ready for the world is here. It has been given the short shrift in the United States by many, but people in Europe use the browser in much greater numbers – showing that it is worthy of everyone’s consideration.

A short introduction on, formerly VNUNet, gives a different perspective than is frequently seen on U.S. sites.

Opera is a popular browser with some of the best support for standards. Opera 10 promises even faster web surfing, built in spell checker and HTML emails.

The faster web browsing is thanks to a new rendering engine, this is the software used to create the web pages. It also claims to support web standards properly including the Acid3 test (click the link to see how your current browser fares).

Acid3 is an extreme test, a more visible effect will be the sthirdupport for web fonts. Most browsers can only use the fonts installed on the computer.Web designers often give the browser a list of fonts. The font they would actually liked used, a similar but more common font and then let the browser choose its own serif or san serif font. Web fonts let the browser load the font from a website.

Auto-update is one improvement we are pleased to see as it is a simpler process than having to download a installer.

Note that this is the final and official public release of Opera 10.10 which contains Unite.

Opera give the user a sleek, clean interface; one that can be modified to the user’s liking, without fear of problems such as the ones recently found to be problematic with Firefox.  Though not as fast with certain parts of the solution to browsing as Google Chrome, Opera is faster with each iteration, and more secure than other browsers as defined by the security companies who track these things.

Opera offers features that no other browser implements, and many features implemented in other browsers were features of Opera first. Over its lifespan, Opera has had more great ideas than any other browser, for making the the web an easier place to inhabit for everyone.





Opera, the fastest and most secure web browser