The latest version of Chrome browser, (Windows), has been released and fixes a couple of problems, while making the extensions available to the user once again.

from Tech Connect

More Chrome preview comes our way via the Dev channel with the build for Windows and Linux. This is a relatively minor release which includes just two updates, one that makes the char encoding indicator visible again on Windows, and one to shrink extension popups when their contents shrink.

Chrome can be downloaded via this page

Those who are a bit skeptical of the benefits of letting Google in on their browsing habits can download the latest version of SRWare’s Iron, which is Chrome with all the phoning home to Google removed.

I’m not certain how the team at SRWare does their revisioning, because when the stable version of Chrome was in the 2.x range, Iron was already in the 3.x range, and was not indicated as a beta. It was solid – I never experienced a single error with it.

The latest revision of Iron is (Windows) and is being called a beta. I have only had one problem with it thus far, and it has happened a few times. I click to close the browser and a message comes up telling me that Iron was not shut down properly. When I restart, I am greeted with that message, and then another, asking if I’d like to continue where the browser crashed. To me, it does not appear as a crash, as I have been closing the browser each time. Otherwise, not problems, and the ability to use extensions without problems. Also, there is a version designed for portability. It can be found along with the standard version, here.

Still no idea about the revisioning. I can’t seem to find it explained anywhere.




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