Over at Engadget they have reports of new i7 iMacs arriving DOA or with their screens cracked. It seems even the folks at Engadget received their i7 iMac and it was also DOA. To their credit Apple is responding immediately to this problem and making good on replacing the faulty products.

Engadget also reports the following:

Apple’s new Core i7-based iMac might be a performance monster, but it looks like the whole family’s having some problems getting out of the gate: in addition to the previously-noted performance issues with the Core 2 Duo models, a quick glance across Apple’s support forums and on other Mac boards around the web reveals that some machines are showing up DOA and / or with cracked screens. We’re a little more familiar with the DOA issue, since the new i7 we just bought doesn’t boot at all, but the cracked screen issue seems to be equally common and mostly affecting the bottom left corner, from what we can tell.

But there is more to this story than just a few bad Apple systems. It should serve as a warning to all of us who purchase any electronic devices to check and make sure it works before Christmas morning. I recall one Christmas morning many years ago when I purchased a gaming console, wrapped it up in anticipation of Christmas day.

On Christmas morning the package was unwrapped with squeals of delight. But after setting up the console we found it DOA. Needless to say it was very disappointing for all.

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