If you could choose any one geeky gift this holiday season, what would it be? Money is no object. Let’s just close our eyes, and pretend that someone out there has very deep pockets, and wants to buy us each the gift of our dreams. How do you narrow down your list? Do you know what you’d want? Is it possible to choose just one thing?

For me, I honestly couldn’t choose. There are a lot of geeky things I want. Many of them are expensive, which is why I don’t already own them! Even if I were rich, I still couldn’t afford to keep myself happy with all of the gadgets, gizmos, devices, and toys that are out there for sale. Places like ThinkGeek taunt me with all of the cool stuff they have. How could I ever decide?

It seems a lot of you are getting into the holiday spirit. I came across several posts on our sites today revolving around Thanksgiving and even Christmas. It put me in such a holiday mood that I turned on some Christmas music earlier, and let it play over my live stream. I listened to it and hummed along as I caught up on everything going on in our community.

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