As newspapers struggle to remain financially viable, the expectation is that the internet publications will generate revenue. Some news outlets are considering a service charge for online news, while other sites become excessive with advertising.

In the midst of this change in the news media, the BBC has stated its intention to remain free:

“The BBC has today said it has “no intention” of charging for online news, in a declaration that is unlikely to please James Murdoch and his father Rupert as they prepare to start charging for News Corporation content on the internet.

Sir Michael Lyons, the BBC Trust chairman, said the corporation has “no intention of diluting BBC commitment to universal access to free news online” as he outlined the areas director general Mark Thompson’s ongoing strategic review will cover.”

link: BBC: We won’t charge for online news

link: BBC website

Perhaps with the high volume of traffic, the BBC can maintain this approach. The advertising on the site remains discrete and the BBC maintains its standard for excellent news service. It is a difficult model for other sites to emulate.

Catherine Forsythe