BlueHippo, which has been under investigation by the FTC, has had their funds seized by their bank. The company which has been criticized by numerous consumer groups has had to file for bankruptcy. Complaints from consumers have been on going for several years and it has taken this long to bring the company down.

If you have been a victim of the BlueHippo scam you are advised to contact the bankruptcy court. According to a recent news article this is the information you will need:

BlueHippo has recently filed for bankruptcy. Consumers are advised to obtain and file a proof of claim form with the Bankruptcy Court by going to , calling 410-962-2688 or writing to:

Edward A. Garmatz Federal Building
Bankruptcy Claim
United States Courthouse Ste 8530
101 W. Lombard St
Baltimore, Maryland 21201-2605

Bernas added, “Now more than ever it is vital for consumers to make the time to read the fine print and save all receipts.”

I sincerely hope that anyone who has become of victim of this scam will be reimbursed by the courts.

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